Conscience of the Society



Welcome to ‘Conscience of the Society’, a registered NGO with Delhi government, India! We often hear references to ‘Conscience of Society / Country  / Mankind’  but who represents it in reality? No one knows the answer! Such phrases are often used  to make one’s writings and speeches  effective!  This is an attempt to fill the vacuum - now on, no one is alone in his innumerous plights in life - for JUSTICE and REASON. We are with you truly as the ‘CONSCIENCE OF THE SOCIETY’/Country/Mankind. 

Hence we stand for the CAUSES of:

REASON, FREEDOM, *FRATERNITY and for the special cause of  REINVENTING DEMOCRACY. We believe that redefining life of man is possible only by reinventing democracy.

(*Fraternity specially to mean the ‘dignity of the individual’ as clarified in the preamble of Indian constitution)

REASON more...

  • Promote spirit of enquiry and reason, even in governmental actions and plans, replacing arbitrary and populist decision making.
  • Bring to the attention of government and media every act and policy  that defy reason and common sense  People can share such incidents with us so that we could take up the matter with government/media.
  • Attempt to make democracy adopt Reason as its guiding spirit instead of authority and fear. A better democracy would be by the people’s wisdom and of their reason. We shall undertake research in ‘re-inventing  democracy’, take up the cause with all concerned government  agencies, political parties and Media, and  write and publish  articles on the theme.


Freedom of mind is an essential ingredient for man to use his Reason. When mind is kept under crippling authority of any kind, man develops fundamentalist tendencies, a habit of waiting for orders from up. Mind gets stagnated, and the country under such tendencies can not develop in its true sense and meaning.  


  • Though the dictionary meaning is  ‘brotherhood’, Indian constitution has specifically meant it to be an assurance of individual dignity. We believe that human nature is fundamentally and naturally not ‘brutish and nasty’ as described by many writers, based on what most of our political systems were established. 
  •  We believe that when one is at peace with himself, when his self esteem is adequate, he keeps only a natural curiosity to know the other person, and will not keep any animosity towards anyone. 
  • When one’s self-hood is trespassed by the other, he loses it, and then he turns a brute to do the same thing with the other too. But when he is offered the constitutionally guaranteed ‘individual dignity’ in the country governance, his personality would develop and country would gain peace and harmony. 
  • We believe that  general lack of respect for individual dignity in the country  is the  main cause behind our mad craving for  money and power- - two sure means for gaining respect in society. Deprivation will always cause craving for the deprived object.


  • Democracy is said to the be last of man’s political systems. A better system is not in the list of future possibilities. If we do not maintain it healthy, intact with its originally intended principles, threat of  emergence of  TYRANTS  can not be ruled out  to the peril of mankind.
  • Democracy, whether documented or not in any of its rule book, is the embodiment of man’s own Reason, wisdom and common sense. Its first and foremost purpose was to ensure man’s unconditional freedom and dignity that he could never taste during the old regimes of kings and foreign rulers.